Tight Light: An Innovative Project to Make the Stars Shine on the Metroway

Tight Light: An Innovative Project to Make the Stars Shine on the Metroway

The Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, operates in an area committed to attracting more visitors, especially at cultural hotspots such as the theater, Rotterdam Ahoy and the park during festivals. However, this area also has social and community challenges, especially after sunset around the Zuidplein subway station, which sometimes creates a negative perception of safety. Therefore, students are working on different initiatives to make the city safer. One of these notable initiatives: Tight Light, The challenge was to increase both safety and the sense of wonder on the busy subway track near Zuidplein.

The concept of Tight Light

What does Tight Light actually entail? It is an inventive projection system at the bottom of the bus lane that increases in size as more people congregate. This dynamic projection not only creates wonder, but also contributes to a safer environment.

The inspiration behind Tight Light? Students Samir, Kerim, Pascal and Thomas of the Urban Tourism Lab Rotterdam wanted to create a solution that brings people together while improving safety perception. Thus the idea was born to bring down the beauty of the stars and invite people to enjoy this enchanting experience together.

An invitation to experience

Curious to see this remarkable prototype in action? Tight Light’s video offers a taste of the mesmerizing experience it promises to provide. But nothing beats seeing and experiencing a concept in real life. Stop by and be enchanted by Tight Light’s brilliance under the stars.

Curious to see more? Watch the video of Tight Light and be inspired by this enchanting conception of safety and connection.

Video: Tight Light

11 March 2024