Charlotte Beukers

Charlotte Beukers

Researcher & Teacher Tourism Management

3 questions for Charlotte…

What do your activities for the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam involve?

” I am currently working with my cultural tourism colleague Wendy Raaphorst on the Erasmus+ research project CRISP (Research on Creative, Innovative and Sustainable Practices to get people in touch with heritage) in which we investigate good practices in a European context that originated during the corona crisis but are of lasting value for the cultural sector. I am committed to all projects in which tangible and intangible heritage has a role to play in the creation of valuable tourism.”

What is your favourite place in Rotterdam and its vicinity?

” There are so many, the rough part of the working harbour, with colourful containers and always activity, my own workplace has the most beautiful view of the city, a real privilege, and at the moment I am also eager to be able to visit the new depot of the Boijmans van Beuningen.”

What are your dreams for the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam?

” That within the lab we can help develop tourism in Rotterdam in such a way that everyone will be happy and stay happy; residents, entrepreneurs and the tourists themselves! I also dream that our approach will eventually be imitated and inspire other cities.”

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