Open Living Lab Days 21 Sep '23 - 23 Sep '23

Open Living Lab Days

The Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab attended the Open Living Lab Days in Barcelona. The three-day conference was organized by the European Network of Living Labs. The three-day program consisted of interesting keynotes, poster presentations and workshops. One of the workshops was provided by colleagues Donagh Horgan, Mirthe van den Hee and Iris Kerst.

The annual Open Living Lab Days are organized to share with people connected to living labs the latest insights on lab methods, participation and management. The Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab workshop focused on taking lab concepts further. Indeed, in living labs it often happens that an idea is not further developed into at most a prototype. During the workshop, the shift from design thinking to design doing was encouraged. Using the Ideation Washing Machine, participants were challenged to further develop concepts and think out of the box. The workshop ended with a discussion in which tools were exchanged to further implement ideas from living labs.

Are you curious about the tools we use within the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam? Then take a look at our Expertise Network Sustainable Tourism website! Here you will find various tools on sustainable tourism, placemaking and living labs.

25 October 2023