Graduates in the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam

Graduates in the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam

Since February, an enthusiastic cohort of 20 graduates has started at the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab. These students, hailing from a variety of disciplines such as Tourism Management, Business Studies, and Creative Business, are about to enter their final semester at Inholland!

The Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab serves as a breeding ground where these future professionals not only work on their graduation projects but also forge valuable connections within and outside their field. They are paired with real-world partners, ensuring their projects are not only academically relevant but also have a tangible impact on local communities.

The students delve into a range of research themes critical to the urban leisure and tourism sector. From exploring safety perceptions in the city to promoting inclusivity, developing new tourism tools, creating meaningful events, and fostering local tourism. Each project is unique, tailored to the students’ individual interests and the requirements of their studies.

The outcomes of these projects are as diverse as the students themselves. Some will conclude their studies with a consultancy report, others with a tangible product, service, or even a piece of art. This variety showcases our students’ versatility and creativity, and their ability to apply theory to practice.

The progress of the students is shared during four special ‘Jam sessions’, scheduled at key points in their graduation trajectory. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into the development of their projects, from the initial concept to the final product.

We invite everyone interested in the future of urban leisure and tourism in Rotterdam to participate in these sessions. It’s a fantastic chance to get inspired by the new generation of professionals and discover the innovative ideas shaping our city.

Mark your calendars, email our Program Manager, and we look forward to seeing you at Zuidplein 54, 3083 CW Rotterdam.

Wednesday 13th of March  10.00-12:00  Wednesday the 24 of April 10.00-12.00
Jam session climb 1: discover

Students will present the context, guidelines and requirements of their draft / thesis report.

Jam session climb 2: define

Students present different concepts / interventions, which they designed.

Wednesday 15th of May 13.00-15.00 h Wednesday 19th of June 14.00-16.00 h
Jamsession climb 3: develop

Students present the prototype of the chosen concept (thesis report)

Jamsession climb 4: deliver

Students present the final final draft/ graduation report.

11 March 2024