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graduate in the lab


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Fenna van Oevelen


Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam / Hart van Zuid

In this blog, student Fenna van Oevelen (Tourism Management), takes you on her graduation assignment.

The Escape Room

I designed “The Escape Room” as a communication product using the Design Thinking Method. This product is designed to be able to implement plans and studies that the Urban, Leisure & Tourism Lab in Rotterdam makes at various parties and institutes, such as the Municipality of Rotterdam. In addition, the results of these plans and studies are shown to the residents of the relevant district. Communication is done in an interactive and innovative way by means of stakeholders playing the escape room. While playing the escape room, communication will be communicated by performing the puzzles.

Open Day: May 25

On May 25, 2022, I performed “The Escape Room” as a communication product for the first time. This included the communication that was communicated to the stakeholders of Zuidplein. By letting the stakeholders play the escape room, they learned more about the Zuidplein district. It was a successful day and especially because when I asked the stakeholders what communication they remembered, they really indicated many points that they had remembered. This indicates that “The Escape Room” is a good tool to use as a communication product.

Final Track

I have learned a lot in the past six months during my Final Track. I mainly gained more knowledge about urban renewal, because I also developed a tool for this to be able to implement urban renewal projects. Moreover, I often went to SmartCulTour meetings and I contributed ideas to come up with new ideas and solutions for certain areas in Rotterdam. On June 3, 2022 I had my defense and I can proudly say that I graduated for the Tourism Management course. I am very happy that I could do my graduation assignment for the Urban, Leisure & Tourism Lab in Rotterdam. After this past six months I really feel more like a Tourism Professional, because I certainly developed myself in this area while graduating at the Living Lab.

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