Studio day October 13th

Studio day October 13th




Vi Le & Laura Arnedo Berbegal


Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam & Hart van Zuid

On the 13th of October, the students of the Urban Leisure and Tourism Lab organized their first Studio Day. A lot of stakeholders attended thisevent in order to see various projects.

At 12:00 PM the group Synergy started  the preparation for this day. The group members organized the tables, decorate the whole room, and bought some snacks and a prize for the winners. At 14:00 PM while the stakeholders were coming they decided to give out monopoly money to  them, so they could invest in the ideas that they liked the most.

At 14:15 PM, the stakeholders started moving around the tables and listening to the student’s ideas. There were a lot of energy andgood vibes in the room. Students were making conversations and stakeholders were giving out feedback.

At 16:00 PM Studio Day was finished, and the winner that have the most money was Tijd Voor Zuid. Before leaving students and teachers had a small meeting about the event and what they thought of the StudioDay


This is the first group that organized their Studio Day. They are trying to finda connection between the locals and the new environmental changehappening in the neighbourhood.

They wanted to get more insights into what stakeholders think about the renovations, and get  feedback for their own ideas that could help the locals  to feel more connected.