Iris Kerst

Iris Kerst

Program Manager Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam

3 questions to Iris…

What are your tasks as a Program Manager?

‘I take care of everything necessary to set up the City Lab; I bring parties together, contribute to the multi-year plan and maintain the website, as well as organising the launch of student projects. I am also investigating how and where the first physical location of the Lab should be set up’.

What is your favourite place in Rotterdam and its vicinity?

‘There are several places in the city where I feel very comfortable. In the summer, I thoroughly enjoy sitting on a bench near the iconic Hef Bridge and reading a book, or taking a walk on the Brienenoord Isle; then again, I also like the dynamism of the city centre. I love to be in places that express the diversity of the city like Rotterdam-West, for example, where you can find canals lined with historic buildings as well as spontaneous street art’.

What are your dreams for the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam?

‘I hope that we are going to collaborate with many partners and students, and that between us, we are going to address interesting issues in the fields of tourism and leisure to make the city even more beautiful. In the short term, I hope to be able to find a fine location in Rotterdam-South where we can open the first physical location of the Lab’.

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