Marieke van Meurs

Marieke van Meurs

Learning Coach & Teacher Tourism Management

3 questions to Marieke…

What do your activities for the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab involve?

‘I am an education coach within the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam and I accompany students in projects such as the POW! WOW! Rotterdam issue. I have been a teacher at the Kop van Zuid location of Hogeschool Inholland for more than 17 years, and I have seen the development of Rotterdam from my window. The city has enjoyed huge positive energy, become a hotspot for its residents, and gradually the visitors are now putting in an appearance as well. Through the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab I want to be right at the centre of this dynamic and,  above all, to be engaged in building together’.

What is your favourite place in Rotterdam and its vicinity?

‘Katendrecht. After a day’s work, I just love to sit on the quay with a drink and think back over the events of the day. I also like to roam around a neighbourhood with students, looking for the DNA of the area. You’re always in for a surprise when you enter the Belvedère Storytelling House to listen to the background stories from this quarter’.

What are your dreams for the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam?

‘I hope that the students are really going to form part of the Lab, so that they can contribute to the building of Rotterdam as a tourist destination from a wider, fresher perspective. In this vibrant environment, students from various fields of study can work together to explore, create and develop new concepts’.

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